I just realized that I only need to add an A to the word stress, and I have enough of the alphabet to spell my name … TERESA!

The last two weeks have been stressful with a capital S, but I must say I have been handling it all quite well. Aside from my normal, everyday flurry of work, this has been happening:

  • August 29: Started graduate classes at Pentecostal Theological Seminary. I have five brand new textbooks setting on my desk, as I write.
  • September 4 – 8: Revival! (So very thankful for the meals that were brought in from our church ladies to help with entertaining.)
  • September 9: Joined D3OSU entrepreneurial club with plans to pitch my product line to investors (not Shark Tank just yet).

Coping with stress?

Here is some advice from “It’s Personal!” page 109.

Now and then we may feel we are the stew in a pressure cooker, complete with carrots, potatoes, and plenty of beef.

It was no beef that one pastor’s wife fed me, when I, as a newlywed and brand new to the ministry, was given the following advice, “Honey, there will be times you will feel like taking off down the street, pulling your hair out as you go. Don’t you do it!”

Honestly, there has been more than one time over the past few decades when I felt like doing just that. Nevertheless, I did not!

Rx for Pastor’s Wives under STRESS!

  • T – Talk to the Lord; after all, you are the PW
  • E – Enjoy your back porch, or front porch, whichever fits
  • R – Relax for 30 minutes and watch your favorite TV sitcom – May I suggest my favorite? M.A.S.H. 4077
  • E – Eat fruits and vegetables –
  • S – Soak in a tub
  • A – Arrange a drawer, go for a walk, or bake something (my all-time favorite)

Feel free to share yours!

Get this Blog Rolling ~ A Tribute to Alva Wilson

Get this Blog Rolling ~ A Tribute to Alva Wilson

Since I am a little scrunched for time, I thought I would just go ahead and post an introductory video I put together for my very first Master’s graduate class. I made a commitment to myself that I would keep this blog going no matter the time constraints! Why did I do that? Well, some years ago, Brother Alva Wilson (also affectionately known by the ReEagle crowd as Father Wilson), told me I needed to write. What it boils down to is that the time has come, and almost gone, for me to obey the Lord and get this ball rolling, or, shall I say, to get this BLOG rolling!

So it is hats off to Father Wilson, a great spiritual father and mentor for many ministers and ministry wives over the years. May God continue to bless his memory and legacy.

Want to make your own video? If you have Windows 10 it’s fairly easy! Here is the link to help you get started…

The COGOP Pastor’s Wife


Many years ago, during an International Assembly, I visited the White Wing Publishing House with hopes of acquiring a book written specifically for ministry wives in The Church of God of Prophecy. Finding none, I told myself right then and there, “I am going to write a book for the Church of God of Prophecy minister’s wife.” It’s Personal was that book.

Now, many years later, I unfortunately must report that my book is out of print and in archive at COGOP International Headquarters. (At least that is what my son told me.) He saw it during an Assembly visit, setting there on a shelf, lovingly archived away. He even got a picture for me!

I also took my own picture. This is the only copy of the book I possess; safely stored away in a safe.

Let’s open it!

My plan going forward:

  • Start blogging!
  • Invite you to my community!
  • Rewrite “It’s Personal” blogging style! Hey, I can do it; I wrote the book!

Please join me on this journey. Check back now and then, as I take my WINGS and …

Blog away!!!

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